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In anime, it is often whoever can inflict the most damage that is glorified, but what about those unsung heroes who heal rather than harm? That’s right, we’re talking about doctors, those so often forgotten helpers of the sick and wounded. So let’s show a little love to this list of doctors whose practices are a little, well, unconventional…


Dr. Ichiro Irabu

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Ichiro Irabu is a doctor of psychiatry and founder of the Irabu General Hospital. Although regarded as a bit of an eccentric by his peers, his innovative tactics prove effective in many cases. Dr. Irabu isn’t just here to listen to your problems, he’s here to expand your mind. He deals with everything from OCD to PTSD in his own signature way and whenever he is finished treating a patient, they always leave “changed”.

Doctorly Quote: “Medicine? What Medicine?”

Line up for one of Dr. Irabu’s signature vitamin shots and watch ‘Welcome to Irabu’s Office’ right now on Viewster.com!


Barazo Mankonshoku

mako family

Barazo Mankonshoku is a reminder that back-alley doctors are doctors too, even if they’ve allegedly killed more patients than they have saved. Barazo puts his family above all else–including saving lives. Even if he is a slight menace to society, Dr. Mankonshoku still manages to patch up Ryuko Matoi every time she returns home bruised and beaten from battle.

Doctorly Quote: “At least the dead ones can’t sue the crap outta ya, am I right or am I right???”

The Doctor is IN. Swing by Dr. Mankonshoku’s back-alley office and watch ‘Kill la Kill‘ now on Viewster.com!


The Ladies of Mochizuki General Hospital


Behind the scenes of the seemingly normal Mochizuki General Hospital operates the Black Label organization, an elite task force bent on eradicating the cancerous elements of society. Many of the members are nurses and doctors at the hospital by day, but by night they are motorcycle-riding killing machines. These ladies take their job very seriously–both of them.

Doctorly Quote: “Well if your drugs can’t get the answers out of her, there’s nothing more we can do.”

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While all of these Doctors (nurses, too) may seem a little unorthodox, they still manage to get the job done in their own unique ways. If you were checking into the hospital, what anime doctor would you want to see sitting behind the counter? Let us know in the comments below or by telling us on Twitter and Facebook.


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