Today’s Voices Of “Lupin III”: Have You Met The Gang?

Today's Voices Of "Lupin III": Have You Met The Gang?
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When a show runs for more than half a century, you’re bound to lose a few talented cast members. Whether it’s retirement by choice or the actor passing on, it’s rare for an actor in a long-running series to be there forever. Such is the case with Lupin III, which is now in its latest season.

As of recent series, the entire cast of characters has swapped out at least once — save for one! Have you kept track? Here are the actors currently voicing the legendary characters:

Lupin III: Kanichi Kurita

Today's Voices Of "Lupin III": Have You Met The Gang?
Source: Lupin Central

Meet Kanichi Kurita. The 60-year-old voice actor and comedian accepted the role in 1995 for the film Farewell to Nostradamus. Prior to that, there had been only one long-term Lupin: Yasuo Yamada, the originator of the role. (The pilot film and anime featured different voices, and 1987’s Plot of the Fuma Clan had an entirely different cast for budgetary reasons.)

Prior to taking the role of Lupin, a go-to roll of Kurita’s was… an impression of Lupin III!

Daisuke Jigen: Kiyoshi Kobayashi

Literally the only member of the cast not to have swapped out (save for the aforementioned ’87 film) is Kiyoshi Kobayashi. He’s been Jigen since, well… pretty much since there was a Jigen! The 85-year-old voice actor has also served as narrator for series like GaoGaiGar, Gatchaman, and Gundam 0083.

Fans worried we might be seeing the end of him with the ominously named Gravestone of Daisuke Jigen. But we’ve not lost him yet!


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