Tokyo Go-Kart Ride Ends In Hit-And-Run Collision

mario kart Tokyo Go-Kart Ride Ends In Hit-And-Run Collision

Fear not, police have tracked down and arrested the perpetrator; Mario’s been presumed innocent.

Odds are, you’ve heard us swooning over Tokyo’s real life recreation of the beloved Mario Kart franchise (like here’s that one time we boasted about their commitment to safety).

They’ve been in hot water before, but now things got a little too close to the source material last weekend.

At roughly 6:20 p.m., a 19-year-old Japanese male was riding his bike across an intersection in Tokyo’s Soto Kanda neighborhood (think: otaku mecca Akihabara). Before he made it to the other side, he was struck by a go-kart that was making a left turn through the crosswalk. The driver of the kart is described as “doing cosplay of a video game character” at the time of the collision… So, it’s basically guaranteed he was Luigi.

While Mario Kart falls into the racing genre, those who have played the game know that bumping, pushing, and otherwise incapacitating other vehicles on the road is prime-time gameplay.

This driver was clearly operating under the same logic, since after he hit the bicyclist, he sped off, mimicking the game’s racers who don’t bother to slow down after taking out an opponent. No word on whether he also gave the stricken cyclist a Luigi-class death stare before leaving the scene.

Luckily, his escape was only temporary, as officers from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s nearby Manseibashi Precinct eventually identified the kart’s driver as a 35-year-old tourist from Taiwan.

They captured him, but oddly enough, the driver gave his name as “Pilot”… Which takes our plot in a totally different direction.

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