Tokyo Now Has A Snake Cafe (Because Japan Has It All)

snake cafe tokyo
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Themed cafes are one of the biggest attractions in Japan and we’ve seen ones open themed on anime series, superheroes, owls, cats, and even sex toys. In a decision that defies logic for anyone that has ever had to run from a slippery snake, there is now a permanent snake cafe in Tokyo.

The Tokyo Snake Center is the biggest new attraction for lovers of scaly reptiles. They have 35 snakes for visitors to choose from and you can the little guys join you for your meal. And yes, the “Snake Attendants” are on hand to inform you about snake handling procedure (this job requires more training than most waiter jobs, I guess).

The snakes are all non-venomous, but don’t appear to be de-fanged… so I would say to watch out for that. It costs an extra 450 yen to rent your dining buddy and there are over 20 different species to choose from: Trans-Pecos rat snakes, jungle carpet pythons, and Honduran milk snakes. The larger snakes that aren’t for snuggling are displayed in clear cases along the walls and center of the room. Guests have said that each snake even has their own personality. The Florida pine snake might want to just nap on your lap and then the licorice rat snake could spend the whole meal wrapped around your arm.

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Cafe patrons can purchase snake-themed toys, souvenirs, and snake skin charms for luck. As far as standard cafe fare, they offer coffee, fruit tea, and mango milk. If you are looking to get a buzz on while you practice your parseltongue then they also offer beer, sangria, and rum apple squash.

And for those that can somehow be hungry, they’ve got little cakes, quiches, and curries. OR, the Daily Special Cake Sampler set (864 yen w/ tax) features an adorable ‘hisscuit’ (snake biscuit) in the shape of a snake. Other snake-motif dishes include the Guru-guru Toguro parfait (864 yen with tax), which is a parfait modelled on the image of a coiled snake, and the Snake Dog (540 yen with tax) which is a hot dog with a snake face.

Personally, this sounds like a terrifying way to eat a meal, but if you are into snakes or are just looking for a way to add excitement to your dinner time then this might be worth your time.

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