Top 2 Must-Try Maid Cafés In Tokyo

Top 2 Must-Try Maid Cafés In Tokyo
They’re delightfully jolly, slightly controversial, and so embedded in the culture it’s hard to imagine Tokyo without them (not that you’d want to). There are now more than 200 Maid Cafés in Japan alone, but the good news is we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you.

Check out one of these destinations for all of your master-ly needs:

Service Offerings: The insanely friendly (and damn cute) maids are masters in conversation. They also chant “moe moe kyun” over your drinks to make them taste better. The maids sing and dance throughout your experience, and of course, CDs and merchandise are available.
Be Warned: @home is insanely popular, so the line can be two hours or more on evenings and weekends. Inside, time is limited to an hour. Being as sweet and kinetic as it is, some customers might leave with a pounding pink headache.

Service Offerings: This kawaii-heaven is nothing short of movie-worthy, thanks to the waitresses that throw themselves into every performance. Not only will they put rabbit ears on your head, they’ll also lead you in song (complete with choreographed movements) right at your table.

Be Warned: There’s an extremely strict list of rules on its website that may make you feel like you’re visiting a state penitentiary rather than a themed restaurant.

For true purists…


Head to Cure Maid Café. They offer the quintessential Victorian maid fantasy, but not in the sexualized sense. They’ve got a pretty venue (very green), classical music and respectfully distant maid service. The food is good, too.

Whatever you do, DON’T go to Pinafore. It smells like cat pee.


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