Top 3 Unusually Cringe-Worthy Anime

Top 3 Cringe-Worthy Anime

Tough talk time—not all anime is good. It’s just a matter of personal taste and preference. The following are a few titles that had me personally scratching my head asking, “Why?!” and “What the actual $&*%“.

Hopefully this doesn’t ruffle a few feathers—if it does, oh well. Here’s my list of the top 3 cringe-worthy anime.

Top 3 Cringe-Worthy Anime monster museum
Look closely and you still won’t have any idea how weird this show is.

Monster Musume

Admittedly, this anime just left me wondering what possessed me to watch it in the first place. And to be honest, the actual manga is just as cringe-worthy. You take the harem genre and you take the monster genre. You take everything about those two and make them less fun. The storyline lacks creativity and funnels the obvious ‘plot’ in a direction that had me lost by episode one.
Many out there love the anime and I will honestly admit that the character Mia is pretty funny. If their goal was to make me wrinkle my face in disgust, they won.

Top 3 Cringe-Worthy Anime super sonic
Those curves though.

Super Sonico

To clarify, it was good…  just blatantly obvious in the ‘plot’ category. Sure, Super Sonico is possibly one of the more prevalent faces in art and the anime community, she is also known for her—voluptuous looks. Her anime that debuted a while back is rather curious. It has its moments, and it has moments. This certainly is an anime that has a good base for story and an even better base for ‘plot’. Cringe-worthy until the last drop and it sure felt like it took an eternity just to finish the actual show. It’s that anime you want to look away from but can’t, put simply.

Top 3 Cringe-Worthy Anime upotte
I feel like this is what people think a U.S. classroom is like.


I’d say the best way to describe this anime is ‘really, REALLY peculiar’. Have you ever sat there, cleaning your trusty weapon of choice and then thought to yourself, “Wow, I would totally love it if M16-Chan was a cute school girl!” …Because this anime would be for you if thats what you thought. I really wanted to find a reason to enjoy this show. The show sadly had me second guessing why I even thought it would be a fun watch. Maybe I thought it would be as good as Kantai Collection (KanColle)….






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