Top 3 Issues With Nintendo Switch

Time to step off my high-horse and talk about some troubling Nintendo Switch issues. I know this isn’t like me, seeing as I am infatuated with the system. The thing is, there are problems. Pretty big ones, actually.

First off the Switch has shown some bending issues. While this has not happened to my unit, it has happened to many individuals out there. This issue is one of more present ones that have surfaced with the console from Nintendo. The issue stems from being in the dock and running very hot, for a very long time. Sure after a bout with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild my Switch is pretty warm. While I would argue this bend happens from being taken out of the dock and warped by hand, it has happened while in the dock. This raises cause for concern and has be looking at my unit every time I finish playing.

Top 3 Issues With Nintendo Switch
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Next we have the issue of the dock scratching the screen. It should go without saying that everything we use should have a screen protector on it. That being said we all love to occasionally live on the more dangerous side of life. Even prominent YouTubers have suffered from scratched screens. Furthermore this issue stems from the edge of the plastic guiders that can potentially scratch up the sides of the screen if you aren’t careful when putting your Switch into the dock. The simplest solution have been “Dock Socks” that go over the front of the dock. Elegant and classy. Hence, while not a massive issue for some, it is a cosmetic issue that will drive us bonkers. Top 3 Issues With Nintendo Switch


The final issue stems from online connectivity and the use of Peer-to-Peer connections. Instead of using dedicated servers, Nintendo opts to use the Switch units as a method to connect to other devices. Great if you have excellent wifi, bad if you have poop-tastic wifi. Therefore many of us may not be able to play most of our Switch games online and that is truly a bummer. Now this is an issue that affects a marginal group of users, but it still.

Imagine having issue just getting into a game of Splatoon 2, which relies heavily on multiplayer to provide the full experience. This is an issue I am currently combating on a day by day basis.

Top 3 Issues With Nintendo Switch


These are but a few of the issues that have been dancing around the Nintendo Switch community. Any recommended remedies?

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