Top 4 Anime To Watch While at Hyper Japan (Or Anywhere!)

In celebration of the London convention (albeit late to the punch), Hyper Japan, I wanted to whip together a list of my top four anime choices to enjoy during this convention weekend! Granted these titles will vary depending on the region you are in, but they are definitely titles that you should check out regardless of being at Hyper Japan.

Durararara 1


The first title upon on this list is a personal favorite and that one is, Durarara!!. The anime follows the story of several characters, with a main focus on the character of Mikado Ryūgamine. Mikado’s time spent in the city of, Ikebukuro, is one of chaos, joy and emotion as he attempts to reconnect with a lost friend who happens to live in one of the wildest cities imaginable. The action scenes in this  anime are fun to watch and the chaos that is spawned from them is equal parts enjoyable. The music is phenomenal and the openings outstanding; plus if you love them you can find them on iTunes Japan! All about those legal purchases. Durarara!! is available for streaming in the following countries (GB, IE, IM).



If you are looking for the humor, the surprising emotion and pretty awesome fights, then look no further than Gintama. Following the misdeeds of a group called, Odd Jobs (Headed by Gintoki Sakata, Shinpachi Shimura & Kagura), as they take on various absurd jobs as they fight for a free Japan from the clutches of it’s alien invaders. One part funny and two parts excellent, Gintama does little to take itself seriously and often finds itself making fun of the other popular JUMP series, however the anime often presents sincere and heartfelt moments from time to time. The end result is an enjoyable anime that often goes above and far beyond other anime. Gintama can be enjoyed in these countries (SCANDI, AU, NZ, GAS(excl. LI), BENELUX(excl. LU), FR, IS, IE, MC, GB)


Kill la Kill

If you have followed Viewster’s Blog for a bit, you had to know that this one was coming. Kill la Kill is an anime that follows the story of a high school girl, Ryuko Matoi, as she pursues the truth regarding her father’s death. Her search leads her to the awe inspiring and terrifying Honnouji Academy  headed by the indomitable, Lady Satsuki Kiryuin. Through her fights against students clad in special, Goku Uniforms, Ryuko Matoi  finds her resolve to push herself to the limits and to avenge the name of her father. In doing so she builds the will to dawn his last creation, Senketsu, a special piece of Kamui (God-clothing) that gives her the same supernatural strength as the academy students have with their Goku uniforms. The anime has some pretty flashy moments, hilarious moments and awesome fight scenes. Easily one of our pushed picks for watching this weekend! Kill la Kill can be enjoyed in these countries (NORTH AMERICA, CENTRAL AMERICA, SOUTH AMERICA(excl. FK, GF, GS), PR, VI).

love live

Love Live: School Idol Project

Lastly on this list is the ever peppy, the always silly and heartfelt anime, Love Live: School Idol Project. Following Honoka Kōnsaka as she strives to bring the school she loves back from the brink of closing by putting forth her efforts to form a school idol group to help bring back in fresh faces to the school. While battling old ways of thinking, Honoka and many of her friends form the school idol group, Muse and compete to earn the Otonokizaka Academy the students it deserves. The anime is cute, it’s bubbly and it is musical. It balances a nice spot between a story about students and a story about personal growth. Love Live: School Idol Project can be enjoyed in these countries (BENELUX, BALTICS, GAS(excl. LI), BG, HR, RO, SI, CY, FR, GR, IT, MT, PT, ES, CZ, HU, PL, SK).

There are my four picks, in honor of Hyper Japan. IF you do not know what Hyper Japan is allow me to enlighten you. Hyper Japan is a weekend convention set in Olympia, London that celebrates everything Japan and more. It is currently running this weekend and has a solid lineup of guests, events and cosplay!

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