Top 5 Anime Theme Songs To Get Pumped Up With

Top 5 Anime Theme Songs To Get Pumped Up With

In complete and shameless humble brag mode, I ran two half marathons last year. And a major reason I was able to do it was because of what was pumping through my headphones—anime songs. While there are undeniable classics from years past, lately I’ve been really enjoyed fresh releases.

Even with the ability to skip through the opening and closings of anime, I never once wanted to skip through these anime theme songs.

“Fake Town Baby” – Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond

It’s like the producers thought, “We need a song that conveys the chaotic balance of the show, but also can showcase how quickly the tempo of our show can change between loud, quiet, and comedic.” And I’ll be damned if they didn’t find the perfect song.

“Sora Ni Utaeba” OP #2 – My Hero Academia season 2

God, this song is so cool. My favorite part of the song is the almost whispered part by Toyokawa Manami. Her voice conveys a quiet power that so perfectly mixes with Midoriya that it’s almost scary. I feel like sprinting every time I hear her voice.

“Shinzou wo Sasageyo!” OP #1 – Attack on Titan season 2

Holy shit, did this get my blood flowing. After giving a kicka** opening for season 1, Attack on Titan decided to bring back Linked Horizon for Season 2. I had high-ish expectations after season 1, and they were blown out of the water for season 2. Use this song to bring me back from a heart attack.

“Aozora no Rhapsody” – Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

No. I’m not kidding. This song just gets your a** moving. I think this OP proves that visuals are as necessary as the song itself. It is just so visually pleasing from beginning to end. The song is frantic but the visuals match its speed; somehow creating a calming effect.

(Sadly, I couldn’t find the actually visual opener on Youtube.. So the video above is audio-only.)

“Ogoku Ogoku” OP – Girls’ Last Tour


Christ is this bubbly. It just never fails to put me in a great mood. And maybe the most incredible thing about this song is that the English lyrics are as impeccable as the Japanese. It literally motivates you to keep going.


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