Top 5 Weirdest Places We’ve Been Caught Streaming

OH the world of anime. Play it here, play it there, play it everywhere….

Weirdest places we’ve been caught streaming… 

  1. At your mom’s house: Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon
  2. On the toilet: Kill La Kill
  3. On a date (sorry…): Ghost In The Shell SAC
  4. In class (not sorry…): No Game No Life 
  5. Grandma’s Sunday Supper: Galaxy Express 999 

When you’ve got places to be, it doesn’t mean you need to leave you favorite anime titles behind. Frankly, it just means you need to get creative. {Enter: Viewster App}.

We’d be failing the anime community it we didn’t selflessly introduce you to our mobile app. Yes, self promotion is tacky. But it’s also… Awesome.

Stream on, playa.

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