Top Ten Manga List: Comic Shop News

Top Ten Manga List: Comic Shop News

Comic Shop News is an American publication that is one of the few paper comic magazines still in circulation (actual paper, you guys). Their printed content is exclusive to their publications and has absolutely no online presence.

This past week’s issue featured several top 10 lists in various comic book genres worth noting. (I will say this list was compiled by Americans for an American audience, but it’s still pretty awesome.) THIS, is there top ten manga list.

Let’s start at the bottom to build some tension:
Ranma 1/2 top ten manga10. Ranma 1/2

by Rumiko Takahashi, this is the tale of a man that is transformed into a woman when he is splashed by cold and then back into a man when he is splashed with hot water. That is only one aspect of this lovable series, but it’s an example of how Ranma 1/2 displays offbeat and whimsical relationships between some endearing characters.


Ghost in the Shell top ten manga9. Ghost in the Shell

Oh, you’ve already heard of Ghost in the Shell? I know I don’t need to sing too many praises about this futuristic cyberpunk tale by Masamune Shirow. It’s undeniably one of the most well-known manga and anime out there. This mature manga delivers a story of cybernetic enhancements and a satisfying mystery.


Bleach top ten manga8. Bleach

The fantasy-adventure series that focuses on a young man that can see dead people and a soul harvester that wants his help. The supernatural angle on this story makes it a sure thing for fans of fantasy and it profits from having a linked anime series that is also popular.


Akira top ten manga7. Akira

Another anime and manga series that needs almost no introduction. This post-apocalyptic adventure tells the story of young people with amazing psychic powers who are under the microscope of a mysterious government project. This dark emotional series is considered an epic and manga mainstay that remains a classic to this day.


Inu Yasha top ten manga

6. Inu Yasha

Rumiko Takahashi writes this story of a time-traveling schoolgirl and her eccentric companions (among which are a half-demon and a demon slayer, of course). This is a manga example of an epic fantastical quest. This group of adventurers are seeking the fragments of a powerful Jewel of Four Souls.


Naruto top ten manga

5. Naruto

The anime version of this tale has recently been laid to rest and has proven to be a popular gateway story for American audiences. It is the story of a young ninja, Naruto, and his journey to receive recognition among his village. Naruto and his friends started out as stereotypical manga characters but became engaging characters with a rabid fan base.


Berserk top ten manga4. Berserk

This one is a bit of cruel and bleak take on a manga story. In medieval Japan, a mercenary named Guts fights to find his purpose in a world that is brutal and filled with treachery. This one is for fans of a violent mature narrative.



Lone Wolf & Cub top ten manga3. Lone Wolf & Cub

Created by Lazio Koike and Goseki Kojima, this expansive saga is a revenge tale that follows a ronin and his son. In both scale and grandiose storytelling, this is one of the greatest mangas ever.



Sailor Moon top ten manga

2. Sailor Moon

Finally English language versions of the Sailor Moon manga are being reissued into brand new volumes. Who hasn’t heard of Sailor Moon? The delightful and colorful story of a young woman who finds out she is really a warrior destined to protect Earth. Now it will be even more accessible to the English speaking audiences.


Attack on Titan top ten manga

1. Attack on Titan

At the top of the list is another bleak, and often gruesome, tale of mankind fighting against massive mythic Titans who want to devour them. This one has crossed all forms of media from manga, anime, prose novels, video games, and even live-action film.


So what do you think? Do the top ten manga disappoint? Comment below.

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