Neo Yokio: An Odd Netflix Original

neo yokio

Netflix isn’t playing around with their commitment to new anime. In addition to importing a whole bag of new titles, they’re also creating some new shows of their own.

We’ve seen Castlvania, and now we get Neo Yokio.

Not only are they going big by casting famous Hollywood actors and actresses, but it seems they’re also looking to make this series as memorable as humanly possible by making it 50% anime spoof/homage and 50% America-themed shitshow.

Do enjoy this oddity:

Anime fans many get the sense Neo Yokio borrows mightily from classic anime, which they have. The robot butler kinda resembles a Transformer. The red motorcycle looks a helluva lot like Kaneda’s. That Russian driver lady seems rather… umm… Speedracer-y. Even the name “Neo-Yokio” is a rip of “Neo-Tokyo”.

But everything is dressed in a bizarre, America-themed costume that highlights its most absurd qualities. There’s the frat boys wearing pastel-colored short-shorts (ugh, so shameful), the roadside sign alerting motorists to the current “terror level”, and more than one appearance of Toblerone candy bars (Swiss made, American loved).

You’ll even see the Neo Yokio Knickerbockers (ie The Knicks), a hint that Neo Yokio is post-nuclear New York, al la Neo Tokyo.

One interesting tidbit that you might’ve missed… The show was created by Ezra Koenig. Never head of him? Maybe you’ve heard of his internationally renowned band – Vampire Weekend – of which he is the lead singer. Seems like Ezra has been up to more than recording songs since their last album released back in 2013.

His involvement would explain why the soundtrack sounds so good.

Neo Yokio was commissioned by Production IG and Studio Deen, with MOI from Seoul, and premiered on September 22nd.

Check out the show’s full description here. What’s your take on this Netflix original anime? Yay or nay?

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