Trinity Seven: Episode 5 Review

Let me get a misconception out of the way right now; I don’t hate Trinity Seven. I don’t love this series but to say that I outright hate it wouldn’t be doing justice to either myself or the series. I just feel like this series isn’t living up to its potential and that frustrates me as a viewer.

In the first couple of episodes it was established that in order to get his best friend back, Arata must face off against the Trinity Seven. In the time since that was established, he’s done very little to move towards that goal. He’s learned some magic which allows him to strip people naked and he’s learned that his grimoire can copy the magic of others but other than that, he hasn’t really done much to work towards the ultimate goal which bothers me.

I am fully aware that we’re only five episodes into a twelve episode series (so not even to the halfway point) but that is still a lot of time that he could’ve spent studying harder to get back the best friend that he supposedly loves and misses something terrible.

The characters around him certainly aren’t helping much either. This is a harem series. We knew that right from the start. I still have to ask though; what makes this protagionist so special that the girls want to fight over him? In my experience there are only a few different types of harem heroes and Arata is the worst of all: arrogant and perverted.


Sure, the series tries to play him off as the honorable type of guy who will push a girl like Yui away when she tries to kiss him because he says they need to get to know each other better but then just a few minutes later they betray that with the same character proclaiming that they are friends which means Arata can do whatever he wants to her (which has Arata all sorts of ready to pounce on her until he is interrupted by a sleep talking Lillith). If he’s honorable, great. That’s an excellent trait to have. But at that moment Arata lost pretty much all credibility in that department.

I can forgive the pervy nature of the series and the fan service. They made it pretty clear within the first two minutes of the first episode that they weren’t afraid to head that direction. I just feel really annoyed that they are trying to have it both ways; either your hero is a perverted letch or he’s not. Don’t try to paint him as both.

With the second half about to start, I’ve already taken a ‘hope for the best but be prepared for the worst’ mindset as we get close to the big climax. Will he finally be able to face off against the Trinity Seven? Will he get his best friend back? Will he ever learn magic that does more than just copy other people’s magic or strip them naked? Only time will tell.

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