Tromatized: 10 Films to Get You In the Halloween Mood

With Halloween just around the corner, we thought we’d take some time and introduce you to some of the crazier/newest horror titles in our catalogue. If you’re easily offended by the mere suggestion of silliness, chicken’s flying out of a man’s tits, and insane pioneer cannibals, then turn back now and watch some cartoons or something. So before you get ramped up on psycho camp killers, murderous nightmares, and the occasional chainsaw massacre, try something new that may leave you grossed out, or oddly turned on (there are a lot of boobs in these films). When it comes to ridiculousness on camera, gore, and farfetched plots, Troma takes the cake and whatever else is on the plate.

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Class of Nuke ‘Em High

(1, 2, and 3)

After students Warren and Chrissy notice weird stuff happening around school, they investigate, and discover that the nuclear power plant next door is leaking toxic goo. Naturally, they decide to smoke some marijuana growing on the grounds of the plant! The ultra-potent weed not only makes Chrissy super horny, but it mutates her unborn child into a bloodthirsty mutant, and gives Warren super-human strength. Just in time, too, as his rivalry with the Cretins (former honor students turned mutants after smoking toxic joints) heats up, and Chrissy’s mutant baby starts eating everyone at school. Welcome to the (WTF?!!!) world of Tromaville.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 15.47.07

 Available BENELUX, NORTH AMERICA, GAS(excl. LI), SCANDI(excl. FI), FR, IE, ES, GB


Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead

Like we said in the intro, when it comes to trashy films, Troma Films have set the standard pretty high/low. Poultrygeist is the new low/high. After a military themed fast food restaurant opens on the site of an ancient Native American burial ground, the displaced spirits take revenge on unsuspecting diners, and transform them … into chicken zombies! Now, it’s up to a dimwitted counter boy, his lesbian ex-girlfriend and a burqa-wearing fry cook to stop the zombie chicken menace. Tons of blood, nudity, music, and humor in this one, so get some friends together, grab some brews (and maybe some chicken?), and laugh yourselves stupid.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 15.01.53



The Toxic Avenger

(Part 1, 2, 3, and 4)

Still a classic three decades later! Welcome to Tromaville, New Jersey, a town terrorized by muggers, robbers and teenage punks who victimize the helpless citizens while the town’s corrupt mayor sits idly by. Enter Melvin (Ron Fazio), a “ninety pound weakling” janitor at the local health club. Melvin’s a nobody, until a gang of thugs playing a cruel joke send him tumbling into a vat of toxic waste, and he becomes … The Toxic Avenger! Our hero proceeds to single handedly wipe all the scum off the streets of Tromaville. With gore, violence, nudity and black humor, what more can you ask for?

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 15.05.41



Cannibal! The Musical

Way, way before a little cartoon called South Park was born, Trey Parker and Matt Stone were lowly students who decided to write, direct and star in their own musical biopic about a famous cannibal. Alferd Packer. Set in 1873, it chronicles the true story of a group of gold miners who travel from Utah to Colorado until things turn rather grizzly thanks to Packer’s er, appetite for gold. Genuinely funny and featuring plenty of catchy, original songs, this cult classic will truly shpadoinkle your day!

Cannibal_The_Musical__001 (1)



Terror Firmer

Just when you thought filmmaking was hard enough… The Troma team are trying to make a film while being terrorized by a psychotic hermaphrodite. Production assistant Jennifer (Alyce LaTourelle) hustles on set while trying to decide between the two men in her life—straitlaced Casey (Will Keenan) and wildcard Jerry (Trent Haaga). But the tension rises, along with the body count, when the crew find themselves stalked by a sexually conflicted, bomb-wielding serial killer—and they must work together to stay alive. If you weren’t a Troma fan before, this film may just convert you. And watch for a cameo by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone!

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 15.19.44



Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell

A campy prehistoric adventure flick starring a so-called nymphoid barbarian warrior woman (go figure) who is the last of her species left on Earth. Can she survive the shlocky battle for supremacy against mutant dinosaurs and post-apocalyptic cavemen? a-nymphoid-barbarian-in-dinosaur-hell-1990-

Available in BENELUX, NORTH AMERICA, AU, NZ, GAS(excl. LI), SCANDI(excl. FI), FR, IE, ES, GB


Troma´s War

Basically a Troma-style spoof of action and war films, Troma’s War has everything a B-movie lover could want, in this goofy tale of a ragtag group of Tromaville citizens who find themselves in the path of a terrorist army controlled by the shadow elite. An oddball cast of characters, including a used car salesman, a handsome environmentalist, an obese junk-food lover, an elderly housewife and even a toddler (along with the prerequisite sexy starlet wannabes) all become soldiers-in-training when the freedom of Tromaville and yes, the world, is on the line! Shootings, explosions, thrills, laughs and romance. What else would you expect?!!

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 15.14.59

 Available BENELUX, NORTH AMERICA, GAS(excl. LI), SCANDI(excl. FI), FR, IE, ES, GB


Zombie Island Massacre

Zombie Island Massacre features everything a schlock-horror murder-fest should, not least the debut film role of a Playboy model cum corrupt Congressman’s wife (we’re talking about Rita Jenrette, who is now an Italian noblewoman—some bunnies have all the luck!). As for the film itself, it’s the voodoo version of And Then There Were None, plus the satisfaction of watching a bunch of American tourists picked off one by one.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 15.43.39



Tromeo & Juliet

A bawdy, punk adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet that should set fans of the soppy Baz Luhrmann version scurrying! This is what The Bard had in mind when he set out to shock audiences with his transgressive comedies. And team Troma certainly up-the-ante with their trademark hyper sexual violence, while still staying truthful to the original play. Set in modern Manhattan, our Tromeo works in a tattoo parlor while Juliet is betrothed to a meat tycoon, as arranged by her abusive father. Watch out for a surprise ending which is almost as strange as casting Lemmy from Motörhead as the story’s narrator.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 15.17.34

 Available BENELUX, NORTH AMERICA, GAS(excl. LI), SCANDI(excl. FI), FR, IE, ES, GB



If you’ve ever waited on tables or heck, if you ever ate at a roadside diner during the 1980’s, then this hysterical film will surely speak to you. Half trash-decadence and mostly slapstick porn, Waitress is a sexual free-for-all and under no circumstances to be taken too seriously. Think The Peach Pit milk bar of 90210 fame and stock it full of senile fogeys as customers and roller-blading porn stars as the wait staff, add a dose of cocaine and you’re about halfway there.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 15.38.19

Available in BENELUX, NORTH AMERICA, AU, NZ, GAS(excl. LI), SCANDI(excl. FI), FR, IE, ES, GB


Feeling ok? Did some of those films make you a little uneasy? Me neither. Although far out and extreme, what’s more believable: children are killed in their dreams by a deformed burn victim, or anything on the before mentioned list… Ok, we don’t need an answer to that.


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