Two Episodes That Show Why This Anime is Worth Watching

Cross Ange is a series that I’ve been going back and forth on ever since the first episode. Early on I defended this series pretty strongly and while that resolve has been tested at various times thanks to some unnecasarily violent or sexual scenes, I’ve stuck with it and have told everyone that it didn’t deserve anywhere close to the amount of hatred and vitriol that it was receiving from fans. Finally after what felt like far too long, I can highlight two episodes which do a fantastic job of showing why this series in particular is worth your time and energy.

Up until this point Cross Ange has reveled in either being an interesting action series that talks about how we treat people in our society who don’t have the same luxuries that we do or a gross prison exploitation series that had all sorts of fun rubbing your nose in things that probably would’ve been better off in some computer’s trash bin. In these two episodes though, the story takes a sharp turn.


In episode eight, we have a traditional festival episode. Yes, there is plenty of beach bikini fan service but compared to what this series has offered in the past this is really nothing and was even kind of cute in some places. The big twist however is that Ange is receiving pitiful messages from her little sister Sylvia which leads to her and Hilda eventually escaping the island to go back to their homes.

In episode nine things really hit the fan as both Ange and Hilda learn that sometimes it’s better to never go home again. Once they get home both of these girls learn some hard truths about how Norma are seen by society at large. Not everyone is as understanding as Ange’s head maid, most people are so brainwashed by propaganda that they become petrified with fear at the idea of even seeing a Norma. These episodes are just sad and tragic all the way through and really brought home the feelings that were introduced back in episode one.

We’re now a little more than a third of the way through Cross Ange and I’m excited to see more. All it took was a little time out away from the fighting to remind me why I’ve been enjoying this series so much and to renew my interest in see what happens to Ange next.


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