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So you are sitting at home and thinking to yourself, “Man, I really want to make my own manga but lack the artistic skills.” Or you think, “Man I really want to make a dope Final Fantasy knockoff.” Well fret no longer cause today we are giving you some secret sauce level knowledge; okay maybe it is not that big of a secret…Nonetheless, we shall guide you with 2 awesome programs that might stir some creative success or prove to be an insanely fun challenge.

We can finally make the true to life story of Viewster-Chan!

Number One is Manga Maker ComiPo by RPG Maker! This quaint little program actually lets you design your very own manga! It is intuitive and while seemingly over complicated, it is actually rather laid back. This clever and and fun program allows you to create 3D-esque manga that has original characters and amazing flair. The creators of the program even encourage you to share and even make a profit on this; provided you can make a good enough manga to woo from the start. Will you be the next Tite Kubo?!

Now we can follow up that manga with a game based off it. Instant cash money.

Number Two is RPG Maker! Next to round our list is another program from the very same company; didn’t see that one coming did you? This time we have the surprisingly simple, yet complex RPG Maker Series. Much like the above mentioned manga maker, RPG Maker has tools that can lead you to greatness as the next Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy or JRPG title known to man. They even apply the same allowances of sharing or making a profit from your success, just remember to give credit where credit is due.

So go ahead and tackle your feverish anime obsession head on with newfound spunk and funk. Just remember us when you get famous from your hit manga and or game; like maybe a foot note credit?

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