2 Yu Yu Hakusho Mobile Games In Development

TWO Yu Yu Hakusho Mobile Games in Development!
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The 25th Anniversary of our favorite Spirit Detective and his friends is proving to be quite lively. First, we get a 25th Anniversary Blu-ray release with a new animation, and now we’re getting two mobile games!

Here’s what we know about them: 

Yu Yu Hakusho: 100% Maji Battle

Our first offering comes to us from KLabs and Axel Game Studio. It’s a card battle game—something I wasn’t thrilled about until I saw the trailer.

I didn’t expect fully animated characters, backgrounds, or attacks. Nor did I expect health bars. But it gets better. KLabs brought in the original Japanese voice actors to reprise their roles! (And this is purely speculative based on information gleaned from their website, but the game appears to have over 35 playable characters.) You can also create a dream team of characters for a 5v5 battle. This actually seems like a fairly fun game. Hopefully, the game will have some kind of story mode, or at the very least, the ability to face off against your friends.

Yu Yu Hakusho: 100% Maji Battle will be available on Android and iOS devices sometime in 2018. (Say it with me, everyone!) The game will release first in Japan and maybe around the globe later. And hopefully, if we do get an American release, our voice actors will reprise their roles as well!

Yu Yu Hakusho: Project U (Project U is a placeholder)

TWO Yu Yu Hakusho Mobile Games in Development!
(Source: Studio Pierrot Website)

Our second game comes courtesy of Mobcast Games and Eitarosoft. I’m admittedly favoring this game a little more because it’s an online “character raising action RPG”, which means we’re getting a story mode. There’s also a plan to introduce multiplayer elements into the game itself.

In this game, you’ll apparently receive cards that reproduce scenes from the manga and/or anime. These cards can also power your player up. Since the first announcement for the game was in late January, there are no promotional images or trailers to show. A release date has not been announced.

I cannot wait to hear more about Project U. I’ll have more updates whenever I hear anything.

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