Upcoming Switch Game Reveals Some Skin!

Upcoming Switch Game Reveals Some Skin ShibobiRefle: Senran Kagura

With motion controls being the fun and impressive gimmick that they are, one would assume this technology would be used for good. In reality it’s actually been used to… allow gamers to embrace their waifus. Enter the latest addition to this ever growing roster—ShibobiRefle: Senran Kagura.

Upcoming Switch Game Reveals Some Skin ShibobiRefle: Senran Kagura
Marvelous Employee’s demonstrating the…. HD Rumble interaction… for science.

This curious game is going to make full use of the Switch’s HD rumble feature and allows players to “embrace” Asuka. Creepy? Yes. Am I going to possibly play it in the name of science? Yes. Of course the Senran Kagura games are best known for their mechanic of clothing destruction, which slowly reveals more and more skin. Their all female roster is impressive and the games are generally quite solid.

This new game has players in the role of a student, brother or adoring fan as the female interest Asuka fills various roles. The little sister roll is a bit too far for my taste, but I don’t judge. The game then allows the players to engage in massage sessions allowing players to poke and feel with Nintendo’s HD rumble.

While the cringe worthiness of this title is strong, I feel that this game may open the door to a larger pool of games and developers. Some of those may be on the more mature side, but it looks like Nintendo is not holding back with this console. Hopefully this convinces a few more adoptions from the larger market overall. Being quite frank, Nintendo’s past consoles have all suffered from a lack of more—mature titles. Not to mention the prior console suffered from a “kids-only” sort of outlook by many consumers.

Upcoming Switch Game Reveals Some Skin ShibobiRefle: Senran Kagura
Player will be tasked to use the Joy-Con’s to rub or touch various points.

The developer touts it will be a ‘safe for work’ sort of game. Personally I have NO CLUE as to who would play this at work.





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