Video Short Honors 100 Years Of Anime

anniversary of anime
(Source: AnimeNEXT100)

Can you believe anime is 100 years old?

The conclusion of 2017 marked the centennial anniversary of anime, and a new video short honors the Japanese animation that has filled the past 100 years.

The video was released on AnimeNEXT100’s YouTube channel on Christmas day. The video runs about 14 minutes, showcasing titles chronologically through the century.

Check it out:

The montage opens with a clip from Namakura Gatana, The Dull Sword, which debuted in 1917! Then the tour continues through the decades with glimpses at many animated films, including many stop motion and clay animated movies. You truly get a sampling of the many different animation styles throughout the years, many of which seem familiar, but many are quite unique. I guess some experimental animation styles never caught on… They’re great though.

the dull sword anniversary of anime
(Source: Japanese Film Animated Classics)

You’ll undoubtedly recognize several classics in the 122 pieces shown, including Astro Boy, Dragon Ball, Akira, Cowboy Bebop, One Piece, Full Metal Alchemist, your name, and of course, Pokemon.

Strangely, I DIDN’T see several that I expected, like Ghost is the Shell, Ranma 1/2, or Neon Genesis Evangelion. Also completely missing – anything ever made by Miyazaki or Studio Ghibli.

Odd, huh? Considering his contributions to the genre…

My first suspicion was that this video’s producers wanted to honor anime that isn’t so widely recognized and to showcase the art’s evolution over the years, not just the most popular styles. But it turns out that the two criteria for showcasing a film were:

  1. The film has historical significance.
  2. The film’s owners gave The Association of Japanese Animations permission to showcase the film.

Ghibli movies definitely meet the first, but knowing how protective they are of their works, they probably denied permission. Too bad.

If you’re interested in watching some of these classics, you can watch some of the older classics on the website Japanese Animated Film Classics, including the opener, The Dull Sword.

Now that you’ve seen┬áThe Association of Japanese Animation’s most significant anime of the last 100 years, has your “to-watch” list grown? Let us know which films/shows looked the most intriguing in the comments below!

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