Viewster Industry Spotlight: Taku Iwasaki

If you happened to see our earlier post about voice actress Aya Suzaki, you’ll know we’ve started a series of Viewster Industry Spotlights to highlight influential members of the anime industry and show some appreciation for some of the unsung heroes of behind-the-scenes anime production. This spotlight is focused on dynamic composer Taku Iwasaki.

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During his studies at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Taku Iwasaki was awarded the Newcomer Prize from the Japan Society for Contemporary Music. Iwasaki is known for his dynamic music style, ranging from explosive action accompaniment to tearful romanticism. He is perhaps best known for his soundtrack to Gurren Lagann which manages to blend Opera and Rap to great effect. Other anime soundtracks in his discography include Soul EaterAkame ga Kill!, Noragami, and Yakitaate!! Japanas well as many others. Most recently, Iwasaki was attached to the Qualidea Code project.

If you’re a hardcore fan of Taku Iwasaki, you can even purchase his greatest hits album, entitled Self Consciousness.


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