My Take On Visual Novel Dating Sim Set In North Korea

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Ever wanted to date a cute North Korean girl? Great news!

Back in 2011 game developer MangaGamer released a visual novel called Go! Go! Nippon – My First Trip to Japan, where you play a young American who travels to Japan to meet his two beautiful Japanese pen pals. Like similar games, you go on dates, earn the lady’s affection, and of course, enjoy some sexy time.

Go! Go! Nippon was successful and received high ratings on Steam. Gaming company, DEVGRU-P, decided to create a similar game to cash-in on its success. Of course, they had to make changes so it’s not a total ripoff, so they changed the date-able ladies from Japanese to North Korean. Totally makes sense.

Read more about the Stay! Stay! Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea release.

The two girls, Jeong and Eunji, are a military police officer and intelligence officer. There’s a variety of scenes, including an airport, apartment, and several real locations around North Korea. You might actually learn a little about this elusive country. Probably not, but maybe.

I’m guessing this title is meant to be more humorous parody than serious dating simulation. The title is itself a joke – referencing the fact North Koreans are forced to stay in their own country. Also, the main character is an American soldier, which is the most unlikely suitor for a North Korean girl. Developer DEVGRU-P is known for making odd games like this before. Case in point – Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator, a game where you date female representations of WWII-era tanks. Why not, eh?

Interesting side note, this game was made after DEVGRU-P developer Derr Lehmann successfully raised $6,830 on Kickstarter. Not a huge sum, but enough for visual novels which only require a story and some still-frame artwork. Take note – if you’re broke but want to make a video game, visual novels might be your best option.

Stay! Stay! Democratic People’s Republic is available on Steam.



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