Vocaloids Are Beach-Ready for Summer Collaboration!

Vocaloids Are Beach-Ready for Summer Collaboration!
Image source: Marui Group

No matter the occasion, it seems Hatsune Miku and her musical friends are always ready. That goes double for summer, especially this year as the team takes over Shibuya for a seasonal pop-up shop!

Summer Shopping

Vocaloids Are Beach-Ready for Summer Collaboration!
from Artemis Kings

The collaboration, launched in conjunction with several Japanese shops, feature two exclusive key visuals: a swimsuit lineup and a traditional festival concert. The two new pieces, drawn by illustrator Youno, form the basis of an exclusive line of accessories and home goods. Fans visiting Floor 8 of Shibuya Marui will be able to shop for jewelry, fans, tapestries… even Hatsune Miku desserts!

Most items have six variants for all your Vocaloid needs. Grab items color-coded to Miku, Meiko, Kaito, Rin, Len, and Ruka. Other merch features snippets from the art, or pairs of characters posing together. Either way, everything is covered.

And There’s More to Come!

Vocaloids Are Beach-Ready for Summer Collaboration!
from Artemis Kings

But this isn’t even their final form. Today (July 7th), the shop will roll out a second wave of merch based on the concert art (shown above). So if masking tape and snacks aren’t enough for you, you’re sure to find something in Wave 2.

So, what exactly can you get so far? The shop itself has rolled out shirts, jackets, keychains, pinback buttons, clearfiles, fans, and a line of fruit teas. Jewelry manufacturer Artemis Kings has created six unique, summery bracelets featuring each Vocaloid’s theme colors and numbers. Lolii has rolled out adorable hair clips, macaron-shaped charms, and a set of six mini-cookies. You can also munch on candied popcorn, mango jelly, and a sweet-and-sour pudding set with a label to write the name of your summer love. There will also be some Vocaloid Dollfies on display, and you can pick up Snow Miku merch, too!

Check out the official website for the full list of items (so far)!

Which of these adorable summer souvenirs is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!



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