#VOFF4: 10 Films That Moved Us

Viewster Online Film Fest 4 is well under way, and while you can get the full overview in our new Festival Guide, we still wanted to highlight a few films we found interesting so far. Click the title or image for each film below to start watching:



This hilarious and compelling short film for adult audiences reveals the true reason behind why we use Facebook. All you need is likes, right?


Anonymity: The History of Straight, Incorporated

Straight, Inc.

Both Reagan and Bush supported this torturous “treatment model” for kids in America. Now, the survivors have serious disorders. This is their shocking story.


Between the Waves

Between The Waves

In a country where journalists’ lives are at risk every day, one radio station is fighting to ensure media transparency and freedom of speech. Meet Radio Okapi.


Cover me

Cover Me

Cover Me raises awareness of domestic abuse, through a dark urban story about a girl called Emily. This powerful short film is a heart-wrenching yet necessary watch.




First, authorities tried to cover up a horrific rape attack to protect the local football team. Now, an Anonymous member who leaked material to uncover the crime, is facing more jailtime than the rapists.


David’s and Goliath

David's and Goliath

In this revealing documentary, two Nobel Peace Prize nominees investigate the organ harvesting trade in China and uncover one of the world’s worst crimes against humanity.


Married for a Cause

Married for a Cause

Every fifth child in the world is Indian, and their rights are violated every single day. This Hindu-Muslim couple put aside their religious differences to change that.


Last Call

Last Call

He hears the “click”. If he moves, he blows up. In this short, a soldier steps on a mine, freezes and calls his daughter. The conversation that follows is heartbreaking.


Deafening Silence

Deafening Silence

“There is no heart beat.” This gut-wrenching short film aims to break the silence surrounding still birth, as Louise and Sean are told the news any parent dreads.


Alex – Incomplete Faith

Alex - Incomplete Faith

Alex is only one of approximately 16,000 homeless in Berlin. This short documentary displays the heart of what homeless people value most: the feeling of being known.

… Intrigued? Over 200 more films about the world’s issues—big or small—are now streaming. We accepted entries about the environment, human rights, public health, politics, social justice or something entirely different that deserved attention. All of them are free to watch until December 8 on our mobile apps, website and Roku channel.



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