#VOFF5: 140 Animation Short Films Are Now Streaming on Viewster

It is here. We just published over 140 animation short films from 37 different countries on our website and across our apps, every single one of them carefully selected to be part of Viewster Online Film Fest 5: Animated Worlds.

In two weeks, we’ll serve 10 of these films to our Jury of awesomeness and let them decide which artists will split the $50,000 in cash awards. These 10 finalists will be determined by you at the aid of watching, voting, tweeting, sharing, commenting and generally engaging with your favorite films. Here’s what you can expect from #VOFF5:



To give you a better overview, and to make it easier for you to find stuff you want to watch, we split the films into seven different worlds:

  • World of Tomorrow
  • World of Rhythm
  • World of Adventure
  • World of Laughter
  • World of Darkness
  • World of Love
  • World of the Surreal

Also, we realize that 140 shorts are quite the mouthful. So we put together a Festival Guide with everything you need to know about the Animated Worlds of #VOFF5:



Enjoy the animation overload and don’t forget that we’re soon publishing our interview #VOFF5 Jury member and acclaimed voice actor, Yuri Lowenthal. You can help impact the interview by providing your questions to Yuri right here.


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  • This is awesome! I found you guys while looking for a place to legally stream Irabu’s Office and I’m so glad that I did. I have already enjoyed watching several of the shorts and look forward to watching more!

    PS: I seem to be having trouble with the commenting system to I’m not sure if this will appear as a double post? Sorry in advance if that happens.

  • Hey Cameron! Thanks for letting us know! Keep us posted about which is your favorite!

    PS: We’re looking into a new commenting system 😉

  • Oh man I wish my email notified me when one of my comments gets a reply! I enjoyed so many of them – so hard to pick a favorite! I watched them all (and a few of them multiple times), and I’d have to say my favorite was “Second Hand”. It had such a great balance of comedy and profundity and was uniquely animated. I also thought “The Gift” was a strikingly poignant look at human relationships, but the simplistic animation style kept it from being my favorite. Also, so much amazing stop-motion! TP was probably my favorite of the bunch, ooh and Lady No. 4!

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