VR Allows Guys to Marry Their Waifu

Niitzuma LovelyxCation
Image source: hibiki-site.com

What lustful young guy hasn’t dreamt of marrying a beautiful and loving… animated girl?

Now lucky Japanese men can.

VR wedding
No doubt pulling his bride in for a kiss.

The marketing geniuses at Hibiki Works have concocted a clever way of swaying new players to their new dating game Niitzuma LovelyxCation – by letting guys marry one of the game’s characters in real life. Sort of. Well, not really. But it’s still crazy. Actually, it’s mostly crazy.

A wedding chapel in Tokyo is hosting young bachelors who’ve played the game, fallen for one of the three star vixens, and wants to wed his babe of choice at a real alter.

How is this possible? – you ask.

Attendees dress in a tux, stand at the alter strapped into a VR headset, and then exchange vows with the pixelated princess while (I imagine) weeping blissfully. None of this is real, of course, but it’s the closest thing these doe-y eyed lads will get to their romantic anime fantasies. (For now.)

Players of Niitzuma LovelyxCation get several – additional – perks if playing the game in the confines for their homes. While technically a romance and marriage simulator, the game also falls into the erotica genre. Follow me?

New grooms can enjoy ALL the experiences of simulated marriage, including engaging in nuptial union with their brides – otherwise known as boinking.

But sadly (or, luckily) this marriage perk only happens in for the non-VR, home version of the game. The virtual experience only lasts as long as the guys are at the alter. Once they return to their computers, they’re back to staring at their ladies on a monitor. Sorry, no VR sex.

While this is clearly a marketing ploy, I applaud the minds behind it. VERY fun way to get people involved and drum up some PR buzz.

Applications are accepted between April 28 and May 28 for a ceremony on June 30. Check the event’s official website here.

I get the feeling that VR dating/romance/sex sims will become a thing. Like a BIG thing. And not just in Japan. Sure, the weddings are fake (until robots, of course), but these simulations are an easy escape for young guys. Especially those who find it hard to connect with girls in the real world.

Anyone else get the feeling that VR romance simulations will become huge?

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