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As many of you know, the voting phase of #VOFF 3 ended yesterday at 3pm CET. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve had a blast discussing the #VOFF films with all of you buffs and producers, across our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts – and following all the hard work being done by the producer’s and their teams to promote original, new, independent film.

With that said, you all, the fans, narrowed down the entry list of over 500 films to ten. Those ten films had a combination of the highest number of votes and overall engagement, compared to all other films entered into the festival. The top 10 films now go in-front of our Jury of Experts and compete for a share of the $100,000 prize money.

Here are the top ten films of #VOFF 3 – click on each title or screen to start watching:



Fear emerges in the most unexpected situations. A small event or a detail can drag you into a delirious abyss. Meanwhile, no one around you is aware of your suffering.




War. A family fleeing Kosovo in 1999 are stopped at a Serbian refugee checkpoint, where they are forced to make a terrible life or death decision.



There Was to Be Peace

The beginning of a post apocalyptic web series. One lone warrior must infiltrate the very gang that nearly killed him to obtain the key materials needed for a scientist’s special device that can save what’s left of mankind before it is too late.



A Public Ransom

Steven (Carlyle Edwards) is a self-serving, amoral author of very mediocre talent. When he stumbles across a crayon-scribbled “missing child” poster with a scrawled telephone number and the words “HLEPP ME?” written on it, he figures it to be harmless–and deciding to base a story around it, he calls the number. This leads to an encounter with Bryant (Goodloe Byron) who flatly claims to have actually kidnapped a girl, stating she will be released only if Steven pays a mere $2000 ransom within two weeks. Steven initially dismisses Bryant as a morbid prankster—until Bryant begins a relationship with his only friend, Rene (Helen Bonaparte) and starts popping up in his life in apparently coincidental, yet increasingly invasive and unsettling ways. Visually inspired by the early films of Bresson, Fassbinder, and Jarmusch, A PUBLIC RANSOM is a slow burn character-study cum psychological-thriller in the spirit of the works of Patricia Highsmith.




A terrifying religious experience translated into tangible objects: 7 books of mystical knowledge from beyond the realm of mind and matter. They hold the key to a new era and can either heal or doom mankind depending on who controls their power.



Do Not Disturb

Tom and Meg wake up tied by ropes, in a strange room. Each rope has a bell. If the bell rings…they die. Where are they? Who would do that to them? But the most important question is: What is that creature lurking around in the shadows?1978_w



Based on the Irish legend of the Banshee. Following the tragic death of her husband, Sarah struggles with her sanity as she sets out to prove that the mystical entity known as the Banshee is responsible for his death.



Shattered Memories

A father who struggles emotionally and physically to find the remaining humanity in his young son, who is possessed by a demonic spirit, and the life or death decisions he must make when realizing the severity of his son’s supernatural condition.




GRIZZLY – It is here, it has come! In the forest surrounding the village of Meminiecz lurks a terror older than memory. A terror that has started to drain the town of that very thing that makes a town a town in the first place, if you know what I mean. I mean, the terror is starting to eat the Meminisczians. It’s totally fucked up.



The Brim Sessions

A disgruntled model seeks the help of a therapist to deal with the “dark” thoughts she’s been having.. but is this therapist more than he appears to be?



You can enjoy all of these films, as well as the other 500+ entries until October 13th! Watch them all on


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