Aggretsuko Is Like No Kawaii Character You’ve Seen

Aggretsuko Is Like No Kawaii Character You've Seen
Source: Netflix

You’ve probably taken a peek at Netflix’s Aggretsuko (if you haven’t, she’s a cute┬áred panda working in Tokyo… with a sh*tty job and a love for singing death metal). It was created by “Yeti” for Sanrio, whose franchises focus entirely on kawaii characters like Hello Kitty, Pekkle, Jewelpet, and Badtz Maru.

Yet, Aggretsuko is no kawaii creation you’ll see children wearing.

Or at least I hope not…

Retsuko “shrieks her cares away” with songs about her stresses. Tracks include:

  • Shitty Boss
  • Waste of Flesh
  • Choke On My Rage

My personal favorite, “Lightning, Lend Me Your Vengeance”.

Anyone and everyone who’s ever had a crap job will understand – this show in your bones. And if you’re not into death metal, Retsukomay get you hooked. It’s hard to stay stressed after screaming yourself to sleep.

Check out 10 episodes of Aggretsuko on Netflix.

And keep your fingers crossed there’s a season 2 in the works. And a soundtrack too!

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