Spring/Summer Anime Rankings: Fists Fall & Devils Soar

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We’re now through at least week 10 of every anime released in Spring 2018.

This season fluctuated between great and awful with every 23-minute episode. If I’ve learned anything along the way, it’s that I need to start dropping the shows I don’t like. Dedication got the best of me… But I would have lost absolutely no sleep over dropping the last 10 shows on this list. Life is too short to suffer through bad anime.

I plan on doing a final ranking after all these shows have concluded and an additional article or two on select shows.

Quick Notes:

  • Megalobox deserves the title. Period.
  • Why aren’t more of you watching Lupin? What the f*ck? Seriously, what the f*ck?
  • My Hero Academia might actually be the greatest Shonen of all time.
  • Hinamatsuri is brilliantly hilarious.
  • Wotokoi is refreshingly mature while 3D Girlfriend waivers between frustrating and refreshing.
  • SAO continues to be good.
  • Devil’s Line DRASTICALLY improved after episode 6.
  • F*ck Viz Media for Captain Tsubasa.
  • Food Wars! is getting predictable…that’s not good.
  • I’ve played some Persona 5… How the hell are they gonna fit the rest of the game into 17 more episodes? How many seasons is this show gonna be???
  • High School DXD Hero begins the meh portion. Not even boobs can propel this show upwards.
  • Dances with Dragons continues to be a disappointment, but now with more boring and confusing!
  • With an anime this bad, it’s no wonder Tokyo Ghoul:Re’s manga got canned.
  • Magical Girl Site is the most atrocious anime I’ve ever seen. It’s Trigger Warning: The Anime. And yet…
  • Gurazeni is so awful I won’t even be happy when it’s done—I’ll be upset for having watched it. This show is irredeemable bad. The story is boring. The animation is sh*t. I don’t care about a single character or storyline. A manga about a middle reliever couldn’t even get made in an anime about a middle reliever because it was too boring. That last one actually happened. AND YET…
  • Full Metal Panic! taking TWO RECAP EPISODES in its first 10 episodes is that I’m actually invested in this anime.

Let’s get to the week 10 anime rankings:

The Greatest Sinner

Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

The Worst Shows

Gurazeni: Money Pitch
Magical Girl Site
Tokyo Ghoul:Re
Fist of the Blue Sky: Regenesis

Just Completely “Meh”

Dances with the Dragons
Umamusume: Pretty Derby
High School DxD Hero
Major 2nd
Food Wars! The Third Plate

Interesting…Just Not Great

Persona 5
Captain Tsubasa
3D Girlfriend: Real Girl
Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online


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