What’s New At Viewster

what's new at viewster

Another month has come and gone, leaving us at Viewster with swanky new features and some pretty rad updates. So without further stalling, let’s dive right in.

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Comment on anime without ever exiting the stream

First up to bat is Viewster’s new live commenting feature for Android users. So with this uber awesome feature, us viewers with Android devices can enjoy live commenting on favorite anime, movies or original channels. Simply press the comment section and you are ready to go; it also doesn’t ruin your streaming experience. So it’s essentially a can of awesome-sauce.

Again this feature is currently an Android device, exclusive. Sorry iOS users, but you guys always have all the fun.

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Have you ever thought, “I could write something cool about this anime!”? Well, now you can. You of course don’t need to write only about anime. You can tell us about your favorite bar in Tokyo or your go to ramen shop in your home town of Chicago. Only your imagination is the limit so go ahead and hit that CONTRIBUTE button to start your crazy adventure. We take no responsibility for your sudden rise to fame and glory; just remember to share the love.

forneverworld attack on titan

ForneverWorld declares Attack On Titan Season 2’s Finale as THE BEST EVER. Having freshly stepped off the epic-train that was season 2, ForneverWorld has decreed that this finale was near flawless. Everything for him (and frankly for myself) ended on such a grand note that it’s tough to a) critique and b) top in the future. Sure, some may not find the massive nature of this anime appealing, but I am with ForneverWorld in saying that Summer 2018 cannot come soon enough.

Lastly, serve yourself up a summer of sports with Haikyu. One of the more popular sports focused anime around, Haikyu is looking to serve up some fun. Join Shouyou as he struggles to find a place among a team of giants and his own rival as they struggle to make their volleyball team the best in Japan.

If dudes playing volleyball isn’t your thing then go eat some tasty ice cream.




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