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whats new on viewster

Grab your drink of choice and get your tasty snacks, because I am going to show you some pretty awesome Viewster goodness. So take your pick of original content and blog posts to sate that devilish hunger for quirky fun.

First up to bat is our brand spanking new series: Anime Versus Wars. This new original title pits two contestants head to head in a debate to settle which anime character would win in a fight. Just figuratively speaking of course, but who doesn’t love a salty debate in their day to day life? I can tell you episode 1 stirred up some major social media controversy… and I can’t wait to see further episodes.

Episode no. 1 pits Son Goku versus Ichigo Kurosaki, it also happens to feature both Jaymes Hanson and ForneverWorld. Check this spicy new series here.

I know you all love some Sparkles* My Week and thankfully so do I. This month has been quite the month for our dear friend. From driving and crashing a car that wasn’t his to catching up with friends about vacations in Amsterdam; Sparkles* continues to show us how much cooler he is. Check out the latest from Sparkles* here. 

Next up I got you some Phil Mizuno with a pretty awesome addition to his video line up… Content Creation Advice. As someone who gets that creative block from time to time, I found this to be immensely helpful. There’s something comforting about watching others having struggled and prevailed in the same areas we all hit walls in. You can jump onboard the advice train right here.

vibrator bar japan

Now for one… peculiar and frankly awesome blog post. You’ve heard of cafés and cybercafes, but… vibrator cafés? Now this one is for ladies-only, mind you. The goal of this café is to provide an awesome and chill place for females to openly discuss masturbation. It is an awesome post that I highly recommend you check out.

Persona 5 Hidden Secrets
Image: Atlus Image Source www.playstation.com

If it is not known by now, we at Viewster all love Persona 5; especially me. So why not learn a few secrets about the title. Jason Hall does a superb job at grabbing a few of the many easter eggs and secrets that dot the Persona 5 landscape; it’s a massive one at that. Check out Jason’s piece here. 

That is going to do it for this months Viewster round up. If I missed anything cool and unusual that you enjoyed this month feel free to let me know down in the comments below. Lastly, don’t forget to subscribe to our official Viewster Newsletter; all the cool kids are doing it.



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