When Science Fiction & Anime Join Forces

My personal favorite type of anime is based around science fiction. Whether it’s bounty hunters on a sleek spaceship, giant mech-suits saving the day, or cyborg super-soldiers; you can sign me up!  Why do we love to see a giant robot trading blows with massive monsters?

Anime is all about exaggerating the boring parts of everyday life and science fiction can take that to a whole other level. These stories present threats that defy imagination and it’s the fictional science that gives our characters a fighting chance. A lot of the time the science fiction in anime is what evens the odds between the normal humans and whatever otherworldly evil they are facing.                                                     

It’s that wish fulfillment part of the narrative that we love so much. Every little kid who has ever seen an episode Power Rangers or a Gundam show knows the feeling that I am talking about. This type of storytelling is a way that the powerless can become powerful through their own ingenuity.

The real world can often be a scary uncertain place and we can all feel pretty small sometimes. Science fiction offers us not just an escape to a world where the little people are the heroes; it is also a place where those little people figure out how to save themselves with their own imaginative creations.

If you think science fiction and anime make for a great combination, these anime are a must-watch:

Mazinger Edition ZGunslinger Girl, and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 


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