Where Are They Now? The #VOFF 1 Winners.

With our third #VOFF (Viewster Online Film Festival) underway, we thought it would be nice to check-in on the filmmakers who won #VOFF 1. Unlike our current theme of ‘Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid,’ our first #VOFF revolved around black humor and the old saying, “When Life Gives You Lemons.” We asked them to shed some light on their current projects, and to offer some advice to those currently competing in #VOFF 3. We invite you to meet our interviewees and masterminds behind The Justice Lease, Paul Ayre and Jeremy Brull.

VOFF Winners Justice Lease

1. It’s been around 6 months, since you guys came out victorious in #VOFF 1 with The Justice Lease. How’s the second season of the show coming along?

We’re about 50% of the way there with the writing and it has evolved quite a lot. You can expect to see Lois Lane’s firey granddaughter, Batman’s shaman “The Green Lantern”, his ex “Poison Ivy” and a guy that he thinks is “just the worst” (The Joker). Meanwhile, Superman’s is throwing a party to show just how cool he is about Batman being in his new movie “Batman v Superman”. He’s also really cool with Batman having first billing in the title. He’s also TOTALLY cool with Aquaman being in it too (and being played by Jason Mamoa). He’s so totally cool with everything that everyone should really stop asking him about it. Cool? Cool.

You can follow its progress here: www.facebook.com/SevereComedy

2. What’s been the most memorable experience producing season two so far?

I think this screenshot from Paul’s computer pretty much sums up our how our collaborative process works. The most fun part of it is the casting. There are so many amazingly talented people here in Sydney, and it’s great re-imagining them as real world superheroes.

VOFF Winners Justice Lease

3. What are your thoughts on #VOFF 3? Any favorite entries already or specific titles you look forward to checking out?

Cargo is easily one of the best short films we’ve ever seen. Such a simple and concise message, expertly told by Yolanda Ramke and Ben Howling.

4. Have you got any advice for the #VOFF 3 entrants?

Encourage your friends to vote. Keep pumping it, and asking for the support. It entirely surprised us that so many of our friends voted us through. And without getting to that top ten – we’d never be where we are now.

5. You previously mentioned that another project of yours, Good Cop / Time Cop, would possibly get an injection with part of your #VOFF prize money. Did that happen? Can you tell us a bit about the project?

Good Cop / Time Cop is, somewhat aptly, a project for another time. Justice Lease requires a little more of our time and attention – at least for the rest of the year. Justice Lease Series 2 is going to be filmed by the first week of December and set for release in early 2015. This should hopefully make up for our lack of Time-based Justice.


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