Who’d Win in a Fight: Alucard or Archer?

Do you remember back when you were a kid playing with action figures? If you were anything like me you loved to pit hero against hero (or villain against villain) and see which one would come out on top. With all the anime I’ve been watching on Viewster lately I’ve been thinking, what would happen if some kind of trans-dimensional rift occured and we had heroes from various series going against each other? Thus a new feature was born.

In this feature I will be pitting character against character and asking you, our loyal readers, your opinion on who would come out on top in a battle to the death. In this first edition, we will be pitting Archer (Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]) vs. Alucard (Hellsing).


Now, on paper this seems like a pretty easy victory for Archer. He’s got speed, he’s got strength, he can attack from a great distance… easy win right? Don’t be so sure about that. Alucard might not have all the same powers that Archer has but he has some pretty big guns of his own to pull out (both literally and figuratively) and can take a pretty huge amount of damage without batting an eye.

Alucard is strong in his own right as well. He’s lived a long time and has seen many enemies try to take him down so he’s not going to fall for cheap tricks. If Archer stands any chance at all of taking him down he’s going to have to do some serious damage after getting up close and personal.


In the end though, after a long and drawn out battle I believe in my heart of hearts that Archer would come out victorious and have his hand held high.

What do you think though? Vote in the comments with your thoughts and let’s see who comes out as the winner.



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  • Alucard does not die, he does not lose, and he certainly does not have a problem with coming back from anything. Archer would lose. Alucard would wait for Seras to release his restrictions as a cue to stop toying with your food and then Archer would be devoured. Alucard would and can literally eat him. It’s no contest.

  • Seras? Don’t you mean Integra? Alucard can die. Especially, more so, towards the end of the series/manga.

    I’m not entirely sure about this battle though. Alucard’s hardly tame and on Level 0, he’s pretty much assured victory BUT if said power isn’t tapped then Archer might have a chance. This is only if he keeps his distance however. Archer’s significantly weaker than other servants in most cases. The only circumstantial factor is the fact that he’s strategic and versatile.

    25% chance of victory to Archer – 75% chance of victory to Alucard.

  • Alucard cannot be killed as he has ridiculous regeneration and has survived almost every possible way of being killed. He can summon objects and organism from other dimensions as well as the people he has eaten as well as having superhuman abilities including super speed, strength, hearing, vision, smell. He can even create real world illusions to trap his foe. In short Archer doesn’t stand a chance.

  • Archer can replicate any weapon he’s seen, even Nobel Phantasms as well as create any weapon he chooses (remember one of the weapons he encounters prevents healing and regeneration of any kind). If he pulls off his Nobel Phantasm it’s over due to the fact that it is a space that he controls absolutely

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