Wonder Woman Teams Up With Hello Kitty

Wonder Woman Teams Up With Hello Kitty
Image source: Sanrio
Wonder Woman Teams Up With Hello Kitty
Image source: Warner Bros. Pictures

The international market has proven to be a huge money maker for American film makers. Warner Bros. and DC Comics are no different, boasting Wonder Woman as their latest success.

For its Japanese release, they’re planning a few additional gimmicks that are tough to resist.

They’ve produced a special manga publication to come out in time for the Japanese release date. They’ve also now partnered with Sanrio and Hello Kitty. YES. The icon. It’s the first time the franchise has partnered with a non-Japanese film character.

Wonder Woman Teams Up With Hello Kitty
Image source: Sanrio & Warner Bros. DC comics

The mascot now sports the iconic Wonder Woman battle armor and golden lasso of Truth. That hair also looks pretty glorious. Some might criticize this partnership as ignoring the strength and power of the Wonder Woman character while focusing on the more cute and feminine aspects. However, another way of looking at it is that Hello Kitty dresses as all sort of careers; from construction worker to doctor or business woman.

If anything, this partnership emphasizes how Wonder Woman is just a super-heroic example of how a woman (or anyone for that matter) can be whatever they want to be. Being feminine or being cute doesn’t have to take away from your power or strength. At the very least, it’s nice that the Hello Kitty team-up doesn’t overly sexualize the character the way many ad campaigns have. It’s also a good sign that the Japanese Wonder Woman Twitter profile that promoted some of the new images described her as “the strongest beautiful warrior.”

The director of Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins, has even been quoted as approving of the team-up, saying,

It’s really wonderful that everyone’s beloved Hello Kitty is taking the lead for Wonder Woman.

There has not been a complete list given of all the different kinds of merchandise that will be released for this campaign, but if you know Japan then you can guess that no merch stone will be left un-turned. Hello Kitty has already appeared on everything from coins to cafes. People who buy tickets for Wonder Woman in Japan will have their choice of a free gift between a Hello Kitty Wonder Woman rubber key holder or a reprint of the 1941 DC comic book where Wonder Woman was first introduced to the world.

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