“Wotakoi: Life Is Hard for Otaku” Made By Fans, For Fans

wotakoi life is hard for otaku
Source: Ichijinsha

Like the anime’s title says, life IS hard for otaku! And this new show is out to show just how tough life and love can be for the mega fan.

Wotakoi: Life is Hard for Otaku is the latest slice-of-life anime made by fans, for fans.

It’s out to demonstrate just how difficult it can be finding others that share your obsessions (or your level of obsessiveness).

The show centers on Narumi, an office worker who hides a her fujoshi lifestyle (literally “rotten girl” – a female who loves anime/manga featuring romantic stories of two men). She works with an old friend named Hirotaka, who is a handsome company man who openly enjoys a video game otaku lifestyle.

Both are professionals, but Narumi has a hard time finding a partner because of her interests while Hirotaka simply doesn’t care about finding a partner. Their friends and coworkers, Hanako a cosplayer and Tarō a otaku of lesser degree, try to spark romance between the two, but as we all know – life (and love) is hard for otaku.

The trailer is worth checking out:

Here’s the story of it’s creation:

Wotakoi started out as a webmanga created by Fujita on the webcomic site Pixiv back in 2014. The series picked up popularity and became serialized in Comic Pool – a joint project between Pixiv and Ichijinsha. Later in 2015, Ichijinsha began distributing a print version. Then A-1 Pictures got the video rights and is currently releasing the anime adaptation in Japan while Amazon is streaming it elsewhere.

From webmanga to international TV show – Wotakoi is the latest poster-child for bootstrapping your own anime!

The first episode of Wotakoi: Life is Hard for Otaku premiered on April 13th. Expect eleven episodes in total this season. If you’d prefer the paperback or digital manga of Wotakoi, you can pick up volumes 1-3 from Amazon.

Life really IS hard for otaku! Agree or disagree? Cast your vote in the comments below.


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