Writing about anime can be fun yet also stressing!

Anime is a fun topic. It is lively, it is varied and it can also be quite debated. As a writer and viewer of anime you always run a delicate line. A line that can be positive or a line that can be brutally negative. Telling friends and or family that all you do is write about anime can be an interesting topic that will tread one of the two aforementioned lines, however you cut it writing for anime is both a dream of many inspiring individuals out there; all it takes is a push in the right direction. Writing for anime is as stressing as it is fun. You know that your opinion on a select anime of choice may not be the exact choice for anyone else out there. They may recommend Charlotte over Toradora for one of their preferred anime romances over your personal recommendation. The fan in you screams out to defend your choice, but the sensible nature in you realizes that you are writing for a much larger audience and as such you need to broaden your view and open to new and often unexpected horizons.

Writing for anime opens up a door of unprecedented possibilities in the writing field. It can give you the opportunity to experience anime through a different lens. You develop a more analytical and possible deeper appreciation for the medium as a whole; plus it also means you can impress a few of your buddies and colleagues with some better insight into why their favorite anime are fun and or hilariously random! It also causes you to stop and take your time with each episode. Beforehand I would just simply go into watching that particular show with not a care in the world about thematic values or basic character development. I had already done that in AP classes during high school and the last thing I wanted to do was to turn a hobby I loved into a job; I currently stand corrected. What you end up getting out of writing for anime is a slight to much better understanding of a series, of how the industry works and flows and while you may not be one hundred percent in the know you are more informed than you previously were on the subject matter.

Writing can be difficult or sticky; much like natto is.

Getting started is a whole other beast. Finding the motivation, the push to try something that could be well out of your comfort zone. Take me for example, I wound up feeling inspired after my convention experience with Naka-Kon 2015 and ended up getting into the tightly knit community of anime bloggers and writers and now I have a chance to grow my craft by writing with the phenomenal guys at Viewster. While my experience may be lacking, I wouldn’t have passed a chance to be able to write about my favorite past time, my favorite medium of entertainment. All it took was one amazing convention experience to help get me motivated enough to trek out into an unknown area of writing. Sadly it meant that I would now be watching anime for work rather than enjoyment and I feel that, that is just a part of the job description when you start getting invested with writing about anime. You learn to enjoy anime you wouldn’t have appreciated other wise and it makes your personal watching time much more enjoyable as series that you like to watch away from writing end up becoming more impactful on you, more deep.

Writing can be a tool to get your foot in the door to a gateway to another world entirely and it can be a challenge to maintain that footing. Diligence and fact checking tends to be a primary requirement once you start writing either in a professional or full time sense; even if it is just for your own blog. Showing that you have a basic grasp is often times enough, but not an excuse to qualify yourself as a professional. I would never consider myself to be an industry professional when talking about anime. Sure I have had myself positioned in the right places at the right times to hear information, but I only grab a small snippet of a larger world. The longevity needed to not tire or burn oneself out while covering anime is another needed addition to your arsenal when covering or writing about anime. Irregardless of why or how one goes about writing for anime, the experience and the ability to do so is one of the most enjoyable aspects that I have ever felt as a fan of anime. Being able to leave your own impression on a genre that you have loved since youth is something of a wild dream come true.

So to the aspiring anime blogger or future anime industry specialist, pursue your dream! No matter how difficult or stressing the road may be for you it will be a road worth travelling. If any of you awesome readers have tried or are running a blog all your own, feel free to let us know about your experiences on the matter!

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