WTF: Virtual YouTube Stars Officially A Thing

Image Source: YouTube A.I.Channel

As you guys know, we love our YouTube stars. SO MUCH SO, we host our very own array of branded channel rockstars.

But with the ease of setting up a channel and more and more people heading to the site… You never really know what you’re going to uncover. We’re officially shocked, amazed, and appalled all at once: Anime’s latest YouTube rockstar isn’t even a human. 

The A.I Channel is making a serious splash in the pool, thanks to its non-existent host Kizuna. She takes you on virtual tours of Japan, Chicago, other places we have yet to even watch… Makes super cute gestures… And truthfully, feels a little scary/crazy to us.

It’s tough to talk too much sh*t though, because she’s gained over 200k subscribers in under 3 months. THREE MONTHS.

We’re speechless, but we may have just uncovered the next big YouTube trend. God help us all.

Get the full lowdown on Kizuna’s craziness here, or just pretend you never even saw this.

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