X Japan Drummer Yoshiki On The Mend

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Fans of supergroup X Japan may have heard that upcoming shows have been cancelled until further notice. The reason? Sadly, drummer Yoshiki has been so poorly that he recently needed emergency surgery.

X Japan Drummer Yoshiki Emergency Surgery
Image source: X Japan

The musician is known for his hardcore drumming style. What many didn’t know until recently is that his drumming was so hardcore, it was causing him serious injury. He continued to perform even after he lost feeling in his left arm, insisting that he wanted to “see things through.”

He continued to perform for months, until finally surgeons in both Japan and the United States insisted that he cancel his upcoming performances for emergency surgery. According to one surgeon, his injuries were worse than those of many professional rugby players.

Fortunately, his surgery at Cedar-Sinai was a success! Surgeons treated his condition — cervical foraminal stenosis — by replacing herniated discs. It took several hours and several complicated procedures, but Yoshiki emerged from the surgery successfully thanks to the skilled doctors who operated on him.

X Japan Drummer Yoshiki Emergency Surgery
Image source: Crunchyroll

Yoshiki will be off his feet for a while as he recovers, and also unable to use his voice for a few months. Sadly, of course, this means his upcoming performances and upcoming X Japan concerts will be delayed until further notice. The good news is, he will be back once he’s better! His official site will have regular updates, and his shows will be rescheduled once he has a better idea of how soon he will be recovering.

In a public statement on his site, Yoshiki thanked his fans for their support and well-wishes, and apologized for any inconvenience his condition may have caused. Of course, we’re much more interested in him being well and pain-free, so there’s nothing to apologize for!

Are you an X Japan fan? Do you have some well-wishes for Yoshiki? Leave them in the comments!



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