Yoshiki In France For “We Are X” Screening

Yoshiki In France For "We Are X" Screening
Image source: WeAreXFilm.com

Recently, Yoshiki of X came through an extremely difficult surgery for spinal issues. If untreated, the slipped discs could have cost him his career. Fortunately, his intense drumming style was not the end of him: skilled surgeons fixed his back, and he’s on the road to recovery.

He’s also, it seems, on the road to France, off to host the French premiere of We Are X.

Yoshiki In France For "We Are X" Screening
Image source: WeAreXFilm.com

The award-winning documentary traces the founding of X and the history of Yoshiki, leading up to the band’s success at home and abroad. It features interviews with the likes of Gene Simmons and Stan Lee. And Japan Expo, Paris’s big anime and Japanese culture con, will be giving Europe a chance to see it — with Yoshiki himself in attendance.

The screening will take place July 7 at 5:30 PM. The film will be presented with French subtitles, and be followed by a talk show event with Yoshiki.

But if you’re a little jumpy and want a chance to see the movie before everyone else, you have more options! The night before, Club de l’Etoile will be hosting an exclusive preview screening. Tickets are 10 euros for a seat, or 15 euros if you’d like to be seated with Yoshiki for the evening. Visit the club’s website for more information and to grab your tickets.

Yoshiki In France For "We Are X" Screening
Image source: WeAreXFilm.com

So what does this mean for Yoshiki’s condition? Well, it’s unlikely that he’s ready to jump right back into drumming. But the fact that he’s been deemed healthy enough to fly next month is definitely encouraging. And, unsurprisingly, he’s obviously eager to get back on the road, see his fans, and take part in his band’s activities!

It’s also great that he has options for getting out and interacting other than concerts. The band regrets having to cancel gigs (though fans certainly understand!), but in the meantime this is a great way to keep connected.

More information on the convention screening is available on the Japan Expo website. Will you be going to either screening? Let us know in the comments!

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