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Got something to say? We thought so.

Why not publish your thoughts on how that anime turned your life around (for better or worse), your all-time favorite waifu or your top 5 spots to visit in Japan?

Whether you’re knee deep in mecha marathons, Japanese news, anime binge watching or just good old fandom reading, we’d like to hear about it. Perhaps you could inspire other people to procrastinate in more awesome ways.

Odds are, you have a passion for some of the weirder entertainment out there, and you never really had a chance to gush out your thoughts – except for trying to explain your friends about your new Japanese café obsession.

Do not fear. We would like to know about that Japanese café.

Or perhaps you have something completely different in mind, that you think would fit well on our blog. In any case: Let. Us. Know. Click the [CONTRIBUTE]-button on our top menu bar and get your thoughts out there.



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