You TOO, Can Sleep Like A Samurai (FOR FREE)

This may be Japan’s most unique hotel castle.

No high production values here, Hirado Castle is a full-blown samurai palace in the coastal city of Hirado, in Nagasaki Prefecture.

Originally constructed in 1225, Hirado Castle served as the fortified home of the heads of the Matsura samurai clan (i.e. Japan’s ultra-mega badasses), before being largely dismantled in the 19th century as the feudal period came to a close. In 1962, though, the castle was reconstructed, and it now commands a beautiful view of the surrounding Kameoka Park and Hirado’s harbor.

Stay Japan, which specializes in unique accommodations for travelers with a deep interest in Japanese culture (YOU), is coordinating the offer to let two travelers spend the night in the castle’s keep on May 20. Selected by lottery, the lucky pair won’t pay a single yen, and will be given a guided tour the city’s sights. The package includes a meal, served in the keep, modeled after the fare eaten by samurai lords 400 years ago.

This may (or may not be) what you’re served

Oh, an they’ll also receive official documents from the city of Hirado proclaiming them as “one-day lords of Hirado Castle.”

Good news? It’s sick AF. Bad news? Applications have already closed. …Sorry ’bout that.

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