Your lie in April: Series of the Year?

For two full seasons, 22 weeks to be exact, I watched the series Your lie in April here on Viewster, and once it was done I immediately went to my superiors and begged them to let me write this review. After watching that final episode I knew that I had to write words and sentences telling everyone about how amazingly wonderful this series is, and how you should drop everything to go marathon it right away.


It All Starts With A Story…

If you’ve never seen a single episode of this series before allow me to fill you in on it just a bit. This is a series about piano prodigy Kousei Arima. Growing up he was constantly abused by his mother emotionally and physically, and he put up with it because he just wanted to make her happy. Once she died though, Kousei lost the ability to hear music as well as all interest in playing the piano. He withdrew from competitions and largely just spent his life in a daze. That is until he meets the eccentric violin prodigy Kaori Miyazono who, in her own special way, helps Kousei learn to love music and life once again.


Your lie in April


The Good and the Bad…

From week one, I was absolutely captivated by this series. The bright colors and shiny animation created by A-1 Pictures made this an absolute joy to watch, but what really made this series special was the characters and story. The big reason why I was so drawn into this story was because of the characters; Kousei with his traumatic background and Kaori with her vibrant personality and love for life made for a very strong pairing in my eyes. Add in the token childhood best friend, Tsubaki, and you had a mix that made for an emotional dynamic which couldn’t be beat.

The progression of the story was solid all the way through. Every single episode advanced the story in a substantial way and left you wanting more all the way up to the closing moments, which gave the audience finality and a sense of closure that many series just do not deliver on these days. Your lie in April will make you laugh and then cry and then laugh again, all within a single 25 minute span episode after episode—and that’s not an easy feat for any series that airs these days, particularly when you already know where the series is going to ultimately end up.


Your lie in April


If Your lie in April suffers anywhere, it’s in the fact that it’s quite predictable. Before you even reach the halfway point of the series, the audience already knows that something is wrong with Kaori and it won’t take much longer than that to realize that this is not a series that’ll have a happy ending. By the halfway mark anime veterans are going to see the ending coming a mile away which might make them not want to continue watching. My recommendation is to push that feeling aside and stick with it, because despite knowing where this series is going to go, the powerful final episode will make it more than worth it.

As I said earlier, it’s the characters that make this series so appealing and worth watching, and while not everyone is going to agree with Kaori’s tactics at getting Kousei to play the piano again, no one can deny just how infectious her personality is. It’s so easy to love Kaori despite her being so pushy all the time and even though I knew that we were headed towards a tragic ending, I never wanted to stop watching because I wanted to spend every last second I could with her and the other characters, before they all went away forever.


Your lie in April


In The End…

Your lie in April is going to go down as a ‘series of the year’ candidate for me. Emotionally charged and powerful are words that are appropriate but truly don’t even begin to describe just how good the series genuinely is. Yes, it’s another series that takes place in a school setting and yes, it’s another series that involves a love triangle that you’ve likely seen hundreds of times already.

But if you’re tired of the mundane and want something that is going to actually touch your heart and stir your emotions, this is the direction you should be looking. I don’t like to use the word ‘best’ very often but in this case it’s appropriate to say that this is one of the best series that Viewster has to offer. Don’t let it pass you by!


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