Yousei Teikoku: Do You Believe in Fairies?

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Humans have forgotten all about magic, and only one person can help: Yui, the Empress of the Fairy Empire. Together with her loyal subjects, she’ll bring wonder back to the world through the power of music. Her plan? A goth J-rock band called Yousei Teikoku.

Yousei Teikoku: Do You Believe in Fairies?Fans of Japanese music and anime may recognize the Empress as Yui Itsuki, a singer and voice actress who has appeared in Black Butler, My-HiME, and True Tears, to name a few. Itsuki originally created the band with musician Takaha Tachibana, previously a collaborator with the band Kukui. In recent years, the Fairy Empire has grown: musicians Nanami, Siréne, and Gight fill out the ranks.

If you’ve seen Future Diary or Kurokami, you’ve already heard a bit of what they have to offer. The band has supplied music for a variety of anime series, including a few featuring Itsuki’s voice work. And coming up, they’ve got a brand new mini-CD: flamma idola.

Yousei Teikoku: Do You Believe in Fairies?
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The CD features three new tracks — “flamma idola,” “Veludo Papilio,” and “Naikan Uchu Shisha no Yurikago” — as well as instrumental tracks for each. Certain shops in Japan will also be offering some very cool tarot-style cards with purchase of the CD. Four different variants are available, depending on where you order, but all feature gold embossing and a photo of Fairy Yui looking rather regal.

And next up, Yousei Teikoku will be yet another of the bands appearing at Anisong World Matsuri this August! Otakon in Washington, D.C. will be hosting a massive line-up of popular Japanese music acts, and the Fairy Empire will be among them. So if you’re on the East Coast this summer, be sure to show up and clap your hands to show you believe!

More info on the band is available on their official website, Have they made you believe?



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