The Yuri!!! On Ice Hotel Room is a Fujoshi’s Dream

The Yuri!!! On Ice Hotel Room is a Fujoshi's Dream

The Yuri!!! On Ice Hotel Room is a Fujoshi's Dream

Have you ever dreamed of falling asleep, wrapped in bed sheets with Victor Nikiforov on them? …No? Well, I have, and clearly the curators of Sunshine City Prince Hotel‘s Yuri!!! On Ice room have as well.

Now until the end of September, guests have the chance to book a stay in a hotel room decked to the nines with Yuri!!! On Ice decor and merchandise that features some art drawn specifically for this collaboration. According to the Japanese announcement on the Prince Hotel website, the price for a night’s stay ranges from ¥13,500-¥28,000 (about $120-$250USD), depending on what sort of “stay plan” you choose.

All rooms are already booked full, and there have been no announced plans to extend the collaboration.

The Yuri!!! On Ice Hotel Room is a Fujoshi's Dream

Japan is no stranger to themed hotels–many people have heard of Japan’s infamous “love hotels,” which rent their rooms by both the hour and the night. Themes for love hotels vary from risqué (BDSM, classroom, cosplay) to downright weird (merry-go-round, subway cart). But at least in the case of the Yuri!!! On Ice collaboration, Prince Hotels is taking advantage of the culture of themed hotels in Japan to buy into the booming anime tourism industry. I would bet that the publicity spike they’ve recently experienced has helped them see the benefits of catering to anime fans.

For those of us who couldn’t snag a room or pick up plane tickets to Japan in time, a very thorough video tour of the room has been circulating the Internet, uploaded by Tokyo Otaku Mode. I’m amazed at how they managed to theme every single aspect of the room, from the Makkachin tissue box to the onsen bathroom. Although I don’t know how comfortable I’d feel having Yuri’s family oversee my bathroom activities, everything about this room is thoughtful and deliberate. Give the video tour a watch through and let us know your thoughts in the comments!



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