Yurika Endo Retires: The Half-Life Of An Idol

Yurika Endo Retires: The Half-Life of an Idol bang dream!
(Source: Jpop Wikia)

Fans were sad — but understanding — when voice actress and singer Yurika Endo announced that she would be retiring this coming May. The star has appeared in BanG Dream! and Angel’s 3Piece!, and gained a major fan following. However, she has stated that her health is suffering and she’s choosing quality of life over career… at the age of 23.

Into the Limelight

Yurika Endo Retires: The Half-Life of an Idol bang dream!
(Source: BanG Dream! / Wiki)

Endo’s career in entertainment started while she was still in college, and she took the opportunity gladly. In her statement from talent agency Swallow, she talks about how much she enjoyed working with other professionals, and being about to “live the otaku life”. With roles in several anime, ONA, and video games, she got around quickly.

Notably, she gained a following from her appearance as Lisa Imai in the cross-media project BanG Dream! The member of fictional band Roselia appeared in only one episode of the anime, but continues popular across the franchise for her songs.

Endo is also a member of the group YURI*KARI with THE IDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls voice actress Karin Takahashi.

Hard Work

Yurika Endo Retires: The Half-Life of an Idol bang dream!
(Source: CD Japan)

It’s no secret to fans that the life of an idol is difficult — and the news about Endo’s retirement drives that home. The 23-year-old performer has found her health suffering after five years in the industry. Sadly, that’s hardly surprising.

Even idol anime, which tend to sugarcoat the concept of the career, show just how hard the job is. So while it’s sad to see that Endo is having to choose between her health and her career, it’s — unfortunately — not surprising.

She’ll be closing out all her jobs by May 2018, when she’ll host one final concert as a thank-you to her devoted fans. Also around that time, BanG Dream! will announce the new voice of Lisa.

From there? We don’t know, but she seems to be looking forward to what lies ahead. Of course, we wish her all the best, no matter which way she goes.

Fan of Yurika Endo? How do you feel about the news? Let us know in the comments!

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