3 Anime You Can Finish in One Sitting

While the debate between binge-watching and taking your time with a series rages on, sometimes you just want to be able to watch a well-developed story unfold without having to break up your viewing session over several days.

Luckily there are those special series that manage to tell a complete story in a manageable time-frame. Whether you’re used to watching anime for days at a time, or just have a few hours to give, these anime titles should be able to scratch your itch:


Golden Boy


Total run-time: 183 min.

This classic OVA from 1995 follows Kintara Oe, a young law school drop out who decides to take his education into his own hands. Follow Kintara as he takes to Japan by bike, learning valuable life lessons along the way. This coming of age anime will keep you entertained ’til the very end, and you might learn a thing or two while you’re at it.

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Available in English and Japanese with English subs in the US and CA

Murder Princess


Total runtime: 145 min.

Walking the fine line between cute and creepy, Murder Princess follows the fate of a princess who switches souls with a blood-thirsty bounty hunter. Predictably, the results are intriguing. Watch every episode in one sitting to get the full effect of this thought-provoking series.

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Saber Marionette R

Saber Marionette

Total run-time: 90 min.

A futuristic saga in 3 parts, Saber Marionette R follows Lime, Cherry, and Bloodberry, three female androids committed to protecting the only remaining heir of Romana. Unfortunately, a dastardly criminal lies in wait, and will stop at nothing to overthrow the kingdom.

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