3 Life Questions You’ll Ask While Watching Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade

2016 has been a year of history-making. With President-Elect Trump inching his way closer to inauguration, social division at an all-time high, & a surging desire for economic prosperity, the real world has never felt more like an epic anime.

Few titles could breach the chaos of the present better than Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade. This post-war fairytale stirs up some serious reflection: Here are 3 questions you’re guaranteed to ask yourself while streaming.

1. What if…

In a basic sense, let’s start with what if the Nazis would have won WWII? But on a deeper level, what if evil resides over good; if change could only occur through force?

What if the only thing that mattered was our economic growth?jin roh kazuki


2. What’s power all about, anyway?

Jin Roh showcases armed anti-government groups bent on changing society through force. As the fight progresses, you can’t help but wonder: who really controls public order? What are we all working towards, anyway? What brings about change? Is it US, or THEM?


3. What do we really know about Good vs. Evil?

Much of the movie’s theme parallels “Little Red Riding Hood”. In a movie where you’re not quite sure who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy, how do you determine what’s right and wrong?jin roh little-red-riding-hood


Buckle up folks:  this film’s blend of fairy tale and post-war horror makes Jin-Roh a landmark for anime fans and a killer introduction to the scene for first-timers. Be prepared for some serious reflection!

Stream the classic in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico here.

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