3 Reasons Outsiders Think Anime Fans Are Weird

If you start to Google the phrase “Anime fans are…” the first things to come up are words like, “annoying”, “weird”, “creepy”, “stupid”, or “losers.” First: Who the f*ck is Googling this?!!

Clearly, it isn’t always simple to be a fan of something. Anime fandom is a tough life to lead; it’s easy for people to look at something they don’t understand and give it a simple label.

Here’s are the 3 most common assumptions I’ve found (fools).

1. Anime Is Cartoon Porn

My memory of this is awhile ago, back before anyone combined internet and television shows (yes I’m talking about the 90’s). As a Dragon Ball Z fan, the only access I had to it were the tapes that you could buy in shops. In many places, the anime section was placed right next to the mature-rated movies and, to the random passerby, picking out my next DBZ tape looked a lot like I was buying porn at the local Best Buy. It’s complicated enough explaining to a parent about the animated Japanese show you like and it was made doubly so when the tapes are right next to the Playboy movies.

2. Anime Is For Kids

Real twisted when compared to the first reason mentioned above. The fact that anime is almost always about animated young looking people gives outsiders the impression that it’s for children. Apparently, anime exists in this odd paradox where the uninformed public sees it as both childish and explicitly mature. Things like that have pushed many to be secret anime fans with hidden collections. For people in North Americas and other societies, anything animated has always seemed for children. Studios like Pixar have helped by making movies for all ages, but even they aren’t turning the tide.

3. Anime Fans Perverted Shut-Ins

I mean aren’t we all at this point? Seriously though, there is a stereotype out there of anime fans as deviants with no life. Unfortunately, this stereotype has been perpetuated by a lot of other media. Usually when you see an anime fan on television or in a movie, its always that idea of some gross guy in a dark room freeze-framing certain shots of female characters. The truth is those types of fans exist in all other forms of entertainment, it is not exclusive to anime and it isn’t the even the majority either.


Are the above true, in some sense? Yes. But are they also false AF? Yup. Struggle be real, guys.

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