3 Reasons to watch Durarara!!

All the time people ask us, ‘Viewster, what series should we watch next?’ Well, the answer is never simple. But today, we’re here to tell you your next series should be Durarara!! Why, you ask? Well we’ve got three reasons why this engrossing series should be at the top of your list:


1) It’s steeped in mythology

Durarara 5

Well, kind of. The “Black Rider” of Durarara!! is a Dullahan, a figure right out of ancient Irish mythology. This headless mythological figure was said to ride about at night on a black steed completing miscellaneous errands. This Black Rider has traded in her steed for a souped-up motorcycle, and tears up the street in search of her missing head. As this anime is based on a series of light novels, you can be sure its writing is complex and intriguing.

2) The name doesn’t actually mean anything

Durarara 8

Seriously! The name we all love to shout at the top of our lungs doesn’t actually mean anything in any language! Reportedly, when the light novels’ author was asked by his editor for a title, he didn’t have one so he just randomly said… Du……rara..ra? Mysterious titles are all the rage, so they just went with it.

3) It’s BADASS

Durarara 4

Plain and simple, what could be cooler than a series about a headless biker, a shady informant, a lovestruck gang doctor, all taking place in the shady underworld beneath Ikebukuro, Japan’s notorious entertainment district. What about that doesn’t sound like one epic anime series?!

Whether you’re a longtime Durarara!! fan or a complete newbie, you can check out every single episode right here at Viewster.com! Are you a big fan of the series? Just starting out fresh? Let us know in the comments below or by reaching out to us on social media!


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