3 Ultra Low-Budget Cosplay Ideas

Sure, if we all had thousands of dollars to allocate to memorable cosplay magic, this article wouldn’t need to exist. But when it comes down to eating dinner or having an ultra baller cosplay, we’re going to choose both.

Yes, both.

YouTuber Kelsey Ellison has mastered what it means to be a cosplay diva on a dime; here are 3 ultra-cool cosplay ideas that won’t break the bank:

Sailor Moon

Stuff You’ll Need

  • scrap cardboard
  • blue & red colored paper
  • white t-shirt
  • pen
  • scissors
  • yellow paint
  • paint brush
  • red paint
  • white paint
  • black permanent marker
  • glue stick
  • stapler
  • clear tape
  • long blonde wig, divided into pigtails
  • white cleaning gloves or socks

Total: £13.30

D.VA from Overwatch

Stuff You’ll Need

  • pink foam
  • head phones
  • tin foil
  • stapler
  • double-sided tape
  • scissors
  • green marker
  • cardboard
  • black marker
  • string
  • white paper
  • blue pants
  • blue long sleeved shirt
  • white thigh-high socks
  • pink tape
  • pink face paint
  • white gloves

Total: £5.45 (note, Kelsey only had to buy leggings, shirts, and gloves.)

Chihiro from Spirited Away

Stuff You’ll Need

  • red t-shirt
  • red sweat pants
  • white socks
  • hot pink blush
  • scissors
  • white ribbon tape
  • red ribbon
  • stapler
  • sneakers
  • yellow paper
  • clear tape

Total: £7.00


Oh, and don’t forget to add your own artistic flavor.

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